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This section aims to help you in your game approach with 10 simple guidelines. As with all management games, first steps are often incorrect due to inexperience. The following rules will help you find your way and avoid you the epithet of “newbie”.

01) Just like in real life, victory in motorcycle races often goes to one of the best riders aboard one of the best bikes. The opposite rarely happens. Therefore, as your budget is a primary factor, be careful not to waste your Bolts before having gained at last a basic knowledge of the game!

02) Tires are an extremely important factor in motorcycle races. A good supply will help you achieve excellent lap times. The same supply includes the possibility of choosing tires for the specific weather of the current season, which means a further improvement of your times. Don't ride with slick tires when it's raining!

03) Having top skills in everything does not mean an automatic victory. There are also some hidden values that make a difference when competitors have equal value. An optimal union between bike and rider that could make the difference; the rider could prove truly competitive even with lower skills.

04) Remember that your rider could be offered a contract after his second year on your Team. You might see him whisked away – with all his skills – by another competitor. Don't forget to extend his contract when it's about to expire!

05) Your motorcycle, with all its upgrades, will be reset to Standard at the beginning of every new season. All competitors will find themselves with the same technical means to develop at the beginning of the season. Any skills acquired during the previous season will be lost.

06) You can play for free at Tomro. Team Sponsor revenues, victories, placements and rider sponsors all give users the possibility of performing in a championship without adding extra funds. Budgets must, of course, be upheld; there is also the risk of competing against users that have extra funds.

07) Just like in real life, there is always the risk of a rider injuring himself in an accident, thus being unable to participate in the following race or even in the remainder of the season. The Manager can intervene in some cases, allowing his rider to recover and return to racing in the shortest time possible. Other injuries, unfortunately, don't allow this possibility.

08) An insurance coverage guarantees a reimbursement of up to 100 Bolts if your rider's injuries are serious enough to jeopardize the rest of the season. It's up to you to decide what type of insurance contract to stipulate, but don't forget to do so!

09) The only time limits for practice, qualifying and warm up runs are those set by the beginning of the next event. Therefore, your time depends simply on the number of tires available to you. Once you've used all your sets, you obviously won't be able to return to the track. The limit of each type of compound is fixed at 8 tires.

10) The only benefit you gain from managing more than one Team is that of having twice the fun. Therefore, there are no restrictions as to the amount of Teams you can manage.