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The Championship page contains all the information and technical actions required by the game. The page also gives access to the heart of the game.

The location and situation of the circuit we are on are identified. It's important to ascertain weather presence for the trials to be performed. A weather icon on the blue bar identifies the weather conditions for the duration of the current trial (Free, Warm Up or Race).

A Dashboard window shows a countdown to the end of the session as well as the first positions of the riders competing in the event. Your riders are highlighted with a red bar. Click on the white hand to the right of the blue Dashboard bar to view the entire ranking in detail.

The Championship page also includes a brief report of the riders available to you. If you have already participated in the current event, it is possible to immediately recognise the times for best lap and your riders' rankings.

To have one of your riders participate in the current event, click on the ENTER PIT white hand on the rider's blue bar. This way, the selected rider will enter his box, where he will find the equipment necessary to perform the next track laps and find the best set-up for the circuit in question.