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The page shows the points and rankings obtained by your Teams and riders. Select the ranking you wish to see on the blue bar. The following points are assigned at the end of a race and are valid for both rankings, Team and Riders:

• 1º 25 points
• 2º 20 points
• 3º 16 points
• 4º 13 points
• 5º 11 points
• 6º 10 points
• 7º 9 points
• 8º 8 points
• 9º 7 points
• 10º 6 points
• 11º 5 points
• 12º 4 points
• 13º 3 points
• 14º 2 points
• 15º 1 point

The flags under the blue bar identify the current race and weather conditions during the race. Clicking on the flags will take you to the final rankings of the race, if it has already taken place.