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You can go to any of your riders' pits from the Championship page; simply click on the white hand next to ENTER PIT.

This is the most technical part of the entire game. Here you will find all you need to achieve the best possible times depending on the material you have.

The Fine-tuning – Adjustments window has the set-up for the bike used by the selected rider. The set-up depends on previously-purchased materials in Bike Development. The notice STANDARD means that no purchases have been made for that component, which therefore remains at the basic level.

A number change for an adjustment will cause the time for a track lap to improve or worsen. Click on SAVE FINE-TUNING – ADJUSTMENTS to be able to leave the ENTER PIT page and find your changed set-up saved when you return.

The letter inside the tire component identifies the type of tire mounted on your bike at the moment. The number identifies the tire set used, while the percentage refers to wear and tear. 100% is a new tire; 0% means a tire is worn out and can no longer be used. If we were using our first tire set, we would have to mount the second set to continue racing, and so on. The available tire set is visible in the window under the adjustments. Your Team will have 4 tire sets for 4 types of compound per race (from free practice to the race itself). You have the possibility of buying extra tires and compounds with your Bolts. You can have up to 9 (nine) tires per type of compound.

Always keep an eye on the weather symbols on the blue bar of the available tire set and the DASHBOARD for the current session. The symbols must coincide; if they don't, then your tire choice is probably not the best for the current weather conditions. Have your rider perform a few laps; when he re-enters the pit, he will let you know his impressions of the bike in the TECHNICAL MEETING. Your engineers will therefore be able to find a way to improve race times thanks to these suggestions.

You will also have some telemetric data available to help you find the optimal set-up, lap after lap. And don't forget to follow your engineer's advice, once he's heard from your rider. To start, simply enter the number of laps you intend to perform, then click on the green icon. The following telemetry discharge will allow you to view performances in order of timings, including details of tire and fuel consumption.

A summary of the best times is visible on the DASHBOARD.