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The race takes place automatically on the day and at the time indicted in the Calendar. Click on Race in the Calendar to view the final time results for the selected race.

You must prepare for the race beforehand, of course, by providing an optimal bike set-up depending on the circuit and weather conditions. Don't forget to save the optimal set-up, the correct amount of fuel for the laps you'll need to complete and, most importantly of all, the proper tires for the weather conditions during the race.

The following points are assigned:

• 1º 25 points
• 2º 20 points
• 3º 16 points
• 4º 13 points
• 5º 11 points
• 6º 10 points
• 7º 9 points
• 8º 8 points
• 9º 7 points
• 10º 6 points
• 11º 5 points
• 12º 4 points
• 13º 3 points
• 14º 2 points
• 15º 1 point