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You'll find the Tires section in the ENTER PIT page. The blue bar identified as Available Tire Sets indicates the amount of tires available for the selected event.

Pay great attention to the weather conditions of the circuit at the time of your practice, as well as the tire set selected. Using a slick tire set would be a bad idea during a wet session!

There are 2 default tire sets available every weekend (free, qualifying, warm up and race): slick, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 and wet. There are 8 front tires and 8 rear tires available per set. The bold letter indicates the compound. Click on BUY EXTR TIRE SETS to buy 2 extra compounds (different from the default ones) and other tires for the compound you already own.

You can have and wear out up to 9 tires per type of compound for each set. Once all your tires are worn out, you can't return to the track!



Q - Qualifying 9/9
Ms – Super Soft 9/9
M - Soft 9/9
Md - Medium 9/9
D - Hard 9/9
Ds – Super Hard 9/9