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The Riders & Training page has a complete overview of your riders. We'd like to remind you that Teams can't have more than 2 (two) riders (+1 Rookie), while they can certainly race with only one.

Aside from personal details, you can also find your rider's favourite circuit. His performances will definitely be better on those tracks – and the same goes for when he races on your Team's official circuit.

The number of sponsors expressed in Bolts identifies the Bolts your Team will receive every week. This number varies after every race, depending on the race itself and its results.

A rider receives 6 Bolts for every race won, 4 for a second place and 2 for a third place. The following week, he will receive the number of Bolts won the preceding week plus any more won in the new race.

You have the possibility of increasing your rider's features. Try to increase the features useful to the Championship in progress! Your rider won't perform optimally with a low Morale, but he can still race. However, if his Physical condition decreases to less than 85%, he will need treatment before being able to race.

A rider with a Physical condition lower than 85% might be declared unfit to race.

Each week, riders will randomly lose a skill for one of their features.