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When you complete the subscription process, a 15-year old rookie rider will be assigned. The rookie will remain 5 years in your Team, after which you may decide whether to keep the rider in the primary Team or release it for the market.

The number of riders in the Team may never exceed 3 (2 riders aged 20 to 30 and a rookie aged 15 to 20).

At each race, the rookie will acquire 8 'skill points', which can be assigned as appropriate. If rookies run in all races during their 5 year-term, they may be used in the primary Team with all previously acquired and assigned skills.

In the Rookie Championship, a race is run within the timeframe of each event. Your lap times may be improved at any time until the scheduled deadline for the EVENT is reached - to be found under item "RACE". At that time, the current ranking will reflect the final ranking of the race. The rider will gain 1 skill point, which can subsequently be assigned to the rider in this page.

Lap times can be always viewed, even if the racer has only run a single lap on the track; however, they will only be shown on the dashboard if actual race laps are run.

5 components for each level are available; they can be freely changed - when found appropriate - so as to achieve the optimal set-up for the race. A component change can be made either from the main Rookie Page or from the Fine-Tuning - Adjustments window (pit adjustment).

On reaching 20 years of age, a rider is removed form the Rookie Page and the Manager is assigned a new 15-year old rider. For 2 seasons, twenty-year old riders will only be available on the market for the Team in which they grew up, after which they will become available for all.