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The Tourist Trophy (usually abbreviated as TT) is a motorcycle race usually held at the end of the Moto and Super Championship, on the Snaefell Mountain Course, a 60.720 km (37.73 mile) road-racing circuit on the Isle of Man.

All the winners and first in rank of the Moto and Super categories of the previous Elite – E and everyone who clocks the fastest 100 lap times are entitled to participate. The Elite bikers still have to qualify to ensure an advantageous position on the starting grid, otherwise they risk starting from the last positions.

The International TOMRO.EU Association reserves 20 places for those who wish to pay to sign up.

Participating in the sealed envelope auction for the purchase of a Price Rider – P offers the chance of being one of the 20 lucky people to earn a place on the grid for the most spectacular race of the season!

The winner and the first twenty ranked are ensured a prize in Bolts, and the riders will increase their sponsor revenue.